Our team of professionals will support your development of project demountable partitions with you from A to Z! A representative will meet with you to explain our council service, introduce you to the various options in relation to the needs that we have identified together. LDMA  knows that every project should be assessed differently, that is why we give an upmost importance to our service for  all partys included.


Enjoy an installation warranty service, all done by Starwall accredited members and  RBQ CCQ professionals. We work with other trades such as electricians for the establishment of a functional space. The installation of the removable walls Starwall is 2 to 4 times faster than the gypsum wall, without cutting or dust, with almost no loss of material. Costs related to the installation of carpet, acoustic ceiling, ventilation and other are greatly reduced since all space is open. Decreasing the maximum disturbance with the working staff will continue productivity gains.


Our new service offers our team of architectural technicians to draw your development plans for demountable partitions.The only thing needed is  to provide us with mesurements of spaces to fill! Our technicians will develop the desired number of partitions with our removable Starwall partitions depending on what you are looking for your offices. Also, if you buy or rent our partitions, the management plan developed by our team will be absolutely free!


Whether you rent or own your building, Starwall Finance takes care of you and the comfort of your employees.Lease of movable partitions is advantageous and an economical solution for you to enjoy now a space that reflects the image of your company, for as little as $ 2 to $ 3 per square foot per month. With our wide range of modulations and color panels from the Quickship system, you can receive within 15 days from the signing and acceptance of your credit a delivery of your Starwall architectural walls..

 If along the way you want to make changes as your business life, moves and changes, they will be encrypted and added to your remaining payments. You can even change your contract, if you want to adjust your monthly payment to your current needs.

 Financial benefits: You pay a monthly fee that is 100% deductible in your business expenses, creating an attractive tax advantage. No purchase, so no capital! This will preserve your cash for what really matters to your business.

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