Our products

See all the components of our unique assembly system and discover all the possibilities available! The removable Starwall partition, in addition to its refined design will allow you to edit or move your office partitions according to your business needs through its evolution, and with respect for the environment!


The architectural structure proposed by LDMA walls are composed of 100% aluminum extrusions manufactured in Quebec. Here are our various ranges of structure that can meet all needs.


The demountable Classic partitions offer a multitude of designs and configurations to meet your expectations, plus an infinite choice of colors. You also have the option to add  venetian blinds that can be inserted between two glass panels =no more dusting!


The Finesse movable walls offer a more refined and delicate wall frame, while offering the same options and color choices as the Classic partitions.


Our sleek and innovative design, the architectural wall Vision serie is a full-height glass wall, offering great flexibility and adaptability to your spaces. The choice of color is again unlimited!


The amovable Custom partitions combines the different elements or features of the product lines mentioned above, giving many opportunities for your office space settings. You will have the pleasure to combine however you like the Classic, Finesse and Vision partitions to help you create a personalized space.


Range of 4 typical standard modulations covering 90% of all needs, allowing  delivery of materials in just 48 hours.


ALUACCES:  Aluacces is a frame system to integrate into your traditional offices. Whether to incorporate glazing and/or  doors of all types, this range will restore and give an updated look for your  working space without having to pay for a complet over all.


Our distribution center provides all the materials needed for your projects:

o various panels: painted drywall, gypsum finished Durawall, MDF, wood, Coroplast, Melamine, plexiglass …

o glazing

o Wool soundproofing

o door aluminum, wood, glass or any other type of doors

o Hardware names such as Dorex, Sargent, Corbin and others

o  Single, double, glued, veneered, carved, painted, thermoformed superimposed prefabricated or achieve!

Durawall finished vinyl gypsum

Here the range of Durawall panels available, are declined in more than 180 colors and textures. Create a look that will join your business image with this great choice of finishes that will surely satisfy you.

















Light up your office with its transparency, the glass wall give you a bright space promoting the comfort and inspiration of the occupant, in addition to offering a multitude of opportunities for development. Your choices are on a simple or double glazing, tinted, textured or frosted, we have everything it takes to meet your needs.


Our framing system can accommodate almost all types of doors: aluminum, wood, glass, melamine, Masonite … they are hinged and/or sliding. In addition, the unique Starwall hinge system  are fully reversible .

Setting up walls

Unleash your imagination with unlimited possibilities of modulations! Full wall, half glass panels, multiple cross and finish with a TV insertion and/or built a conference table, all you need for your projects and more! Examples of possible configurations with removable and flexible structure of our products Starwall.

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