Our  company policy respects  the environment and  is now an inseparable part of the interior design market. Therefore STARWALL, with its movable walls, has chosen to set up at all levels of the company, an environmental approach referring to LEED certification system. Indeed, the approach of the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), aims to take into account the environmental impacts of our products and our services, minimize and meet the expectations of contractors and builders. STARWALL has a ​​respect for the environment a natural reflex marked by an organization, procedures and specific controls. At every stage of our business, the impact on the environment is now evaluated. By using the demountable partitions STARWALL, you can now benefit from these contributions and claim your LEED approach.


The LEED system was designed to improve the well-being of the occupants and the environmental and economic performance of buildings (improving quality and reducing their impact on the environment). The certification takes into account: energy savings, optimizing water consumption, reducing CO2 emissions (improving air quality), improved indoor environmental quality of buildings the use of sustainable resources and the consideration of environmental impacts. The system of LEED certification is a rating system to obtain points or “credits” LEED many levels. Two categories concern STARWALL architectural walls products and can contribute to obtaining credit, “Materials and Resources” (MR) for all interior commercial spaces and “Interior Environmental Quality” (IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality).


LEED ® is a registered trademark of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and under allowed to Canada Green Building Council (CGBC) license for use in Canada. LEED certification provides independent verification of a third company that a building project meets the standards set, and at a higher yield. LEED certification is recognized worldwide as proof that a building is a healthy place to live and work. LEED is the recognized benchmark for the design, construction and operation of “green” buildings in high yield. LEED provides owners and operators of buildings with the tools to obtain an immediate and measurable impact on the performance of their buildings.

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