Who is LDMA?

A young company whose team worked in the interior partition field for more than 20 years, and as a accredited member of Starwall Group, LDMA is the only company to offer a complete service conserning architectural walls. We specialize in demountable partition Starwall brand. A product made in Quebec that has made ​​its mark in North America and the United States. From the smallest to the largest project LDMA can take care of your interiors in the commercial, institutional, industrial, hospital and private domain for fixed or turnkey projects.We give you the opportunity to do business with one company licensed to RBQ for your wall partitions; gypsum, ceilings and acoustic tiles with an after-sales service that will be more than satisfying.

Who is Starwall?

The Starwall group is a Quebec company whose head office is in Chicoutimi that has an expertise for more than 20 years. Its removable wall systems have built a enviable reputation in the field of office design in North America. As a manufacturer of aluminum framework with a designer overall view, Starwall manufactures the essential elements in the skeleton of the proposed LDMA architectural structure for all your projects.

Benefits Starwall

  • Rapid development for less

    • Installation 2-4 times faster than conventional construction or renovation.
    • Direct costs related to reconfiguration with removable walls are six times lower than those of demolition and reconstruction in conventional construction.
  • Turnkey project solution

    • Our distribution center provides all the materials needed for your project: Aluminum, glass, various panels (painted drywall, gypsum finished Durawall, MDF, wood, coroplast, melamine, plexiglass, etc.), sound-absorbing wool, doors (aluminum, wood, glass), hardware (Dorex, Sargent, Corbin …)
    • Finished single, double, glued, veneered, carved, painted, thermoformed, superimposed, prefabricated or achieve!
  • No more dust, paint and workers of many trades!

    • Out team come in action after the carpet and acoustic tiles installations. Eliminating unnecessary  cut-outs expenses that will save time and material loss will be minimized.
  • Ecologicial and practical solution.

    • The whole structure and components of the walls are modifiable and interchangeable
    • Starwall is not just a recyclable wall it is primarily a reusable and reconfigurable wall!

Why Aluminium ?

Aluminum is a recyclable material, lightweight, and easily processable steel. This is a natural resource in our region of Quebec. The factoryis established in the Valley of aluminum, it’s important for us to keep the economy running by acting in concert with local companies involved in the processing of the aluminum field.

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